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week ending
Friday Jan 23, 2015
BlackBerry Limited
Trend Trend Counters Relative Strength  
(Strong) Bullish Trend. The closing price is above the lower limit of the 13-week MA envelope. This indicates that the short-term bullish trend of the stock's price remains relatively strong. Trading implication: generally considered positive in terms of both trade entry and holding.
Trend / Category
15/ 30
13 week Current wk Unusual Volume
114 +
  weeks in vs. S&P/TSX Composite  
Trading stats for the Week Stock Trends chart of BlackBerry Limited $BB - click for more ST charts
  Close Range
$CDN 13.29 11.88 - 13.74
1 week %change 13 week %change
+8.7% +15.5%
Average Price
13 week MA 40 week MA
12.15 10.83
52-week range
7.69 - 15.10
Share Volume Transactions
23,121,400 39,320
Avg traded value Relative Volume
$7,815 4.4%
Total traded value
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BlackBerry Limited (BB-T)
Trend Rel
Hi | Lo
Stock Name
Wk Close
Vol (00's)
Highlighted stocks traded at their 52 week high or low, OR gained/lost more than 10% during the trading week.
Business Description :
BlackBerry Limited provides wireless communications solutions worldwide. The company offers BlackBerry wireless communications platform solution, which includes the sale of BlackBerry handheld devices; and the provision of data communication, and compression and security infrastructure services enabling BlackBerry handheld wireless devices to send and receive wireless messages and data. Its technology also enables third party developers and manufacturers to enhance their products and services through software development kits, wireless connectivity, data, and third-party support programs. The companys portfolio of products, services, and embedded technologies include the BlackBerry wireless solution, the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld product line, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, software development tools, and other software and hardware. It also provides BlackBerry smartphones; BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, an enterprise mobility management product; QNX software for embedded systems market; and BBM, instant mobile to mobile private messaging service. In addition, the company offers development platform that allows third party commercial and enterprise software developers to build and deploy custom applications to run on BlackBerry smartphones; products and technologies to third party developers, wireless carriers, and enterprise customers to develop, distribute, and manage these applications; and a suite of software development tools. Further, it provides the BlackBerry Messenger Social Apps Platform; and push, payments, advertising, location, maps, analytics, and Scoreloop services, as well as repair and maintenance services. BlackBerry sells its BlackBerry wireless solutions through wireless communications carriers and third party distribution channels. The company was formerly known as Research In Motion Limited and changed its name to BlackBerry Limited in July 2013. BlackBerry Limited was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada.
Company Website :
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