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February  12,  2019
 Introducing Next Level Options
-by  John Manley - Chief Strategist, Next Level Options

 Stock Trends is partnering with John Manley of Next Level Options to provide investors with a new mentoring service designed to help investors and traders learn how to trade options profitably. John is a successful trader, money manager, and options commentator/educator who has a solid, proven track record of managing multi-million dollar accounts as a seasoned risk manager. He knows the options market well and has almost two decades of experience in the derivative trenches. He knows how to structure options trades with managed risk and reward metrics and will guide investors through both market neutral trading strategies and trend trading strategies. The new Next Level Options mentoring service will offer subscribers various levels of mentorship from John, with the core offering presented as weekly video mentorship and webinars. Expect detailed but thoroughly understandable guidance on how to turn many different market situations into risk-managed and profitable trades. 


Coming Soon!!  


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