Stock Trends: Handbook
Chapter 8 - Stock Trends Portfolios

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Can Stock Trends be used to trade profitably?... the answer to that question is a most definite yes!


Check out our active model portfolios:

NYSE Portfolio #1

NASDAQ Portfolio #1

TSX Portfolio #1

NYSE Portfolio #2

NASDAQ Portfolio #2

TSX Portfolio #2

Dow Jones Industrials Bullish Crossover

S&P 100 Bullish Crossover

Nasdaq 100 Bullish Crossover

U.S.-listed ETF Bullish Crossover with Momentum

S&P/TSX 60 Bullish Crossover

TSX Financials Bullish Crossover

NYSE ST-IM Bullish Crossover

NASDAQ ST-IM Bullish Crossover

TSX ST-IM Bullish Crossover

TSX Bullish New High Portfolio

NASDAQ Bullish New High Portfolio

TSX Weak Bearish Breakout Portfolio

NYSE Weak Bearish Breakout Portfolio

NASDAQ Weak Bearish Breakout Portfolio




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