Stock Trends Investor Challenge (beta)


Play the Stock Trends Slots game and enter your game generated portfolio in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge contest. The top ranked portfolio after 4-weeks of live trading wins this rolling weekly investor challenge. (presently beta testing - no prizes for winner)


The portfolios entered in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge are created by premium players of the Stock Trends Slots game - a portfolio of five (5) holdings (all stocks, ETFs, and other listed issues that have current Stock Trends indicators) randomly selected by the game play. See how your portfolio fares against the market and against other players. The highest return that beats the market benchmark index generated in the following live 4-week trading period wins the contest. Each week a winning portfolio is determined by the best market-beating return realized among the group of portfolios created in Stock Trends Slots play on market data 4 weeks prior.


Players have some degree of skills testing in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge - they can optimize their portfolio components using the Stock Trends indicators for guidance or select components based on some other interpretation of the randomly selected stocks generated in the Stock Trends Slots game play. Learn how randomness plays out in the stock market and how an investor can use Stock Trends to achieve better trading results. We will also learn if random trading can beat out the investment pros, or if active trading stands up well against passive investing.


Below is a leaderboard of top current portfolios in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge after the selected 4-week period.

3 weeks - 1 week left to final ranking
2 weeks - 2 weeks left to final ranking
1 week - 3 weeks left to final ranking

No users entered a portfolio in the Stock Trends Investor Challenge 4 weeks ago.

Top 4-week Portfolio performance for week ended 07Aug2020
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4-wk Return (%)
Benchmark Index
4-wk Return (%)
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Randomly generated portfolio returns

Portfolio holdings are equal weighted by value ($10,000 for each holding, $50,000 total portfolio investment). Trading costs of 2% are deducted from the portfolio valuation. This approximates costs investors would experience in being a relatively active trader - in terms of slippage and transaction costs. It also handicaps the active trader, and requires better returns from the portfolio to match or beat a buy-and-hold investor whose period returns are not discounted by transaction costs and are often enhanced by dividend income. The benchmark index return (S&P 500 index return for U.S. portfolios, S&P/TSX Composite return for Canadian portfolios) represents the return of the market and the baseline period return of buy-and-hold investors for the current period. However, the statistical mean (average) random portfolio return for a 4-week period across time is 0%. Portfolio returns above 0% achieved in the 4-week Stock Trends Investor Challenge contest exceed the expected return of randomly generated portfolios.


Use the Stock Trends Inference Model to optimize your portfolio

Subscribers to Stock Trends Weekly Reporter can use the Stock Trends Inference Model analysis published weekly in the Stock Trends Report on individual stocks and ETFs. Found under the Profile tab of of each Stock Trends Report page (for those issues with enough samples to apply the inference model), players can select stocks/ETFs with a higher probability of having a positive 4-week return. Learn more about the Stock Trends Inference Model. This analysis will show which stocks have a statistical edge in providing positive returns. They could help you win the Stock Trends Investor Challenge consistently. Try it out!

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