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week ending
Friday Feb 21, 2020
MicroSectors FANG Index 3X Leveraged ETN
Trend Trend Counters Relative Strength  
(Strong) Bullish Trend. The closing price is above the lower limit of the 13-week MA envelope. This indicates that the short-term bullish trend of the stock's price remains relatively strong. Trading implication: generally considered positive in terms of both trade entry and holding.
Trend / Category
12/ 13
13 week Current wk Unusual Volume
211 +
  weeks in vs. S&P500  
Trading stats for the Week Stock Trends chart of MicroSectors FANG Index 3X Leveraged ETN $FNGU - click for more ST charts
  Close Range
$US 103.55 101.12 - 115.40
1 week %change 13 week %change
+2.7% +126.7%
Average Price
13 week MA 40 week MA
70.95 47.86
52-week range
25.19 - 115.40
Share Volume Relative Volume
1,337,800 41.8%
Total traded value
Traded at 52-week high
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MicroSectors FANG Index 3X Leveraged ETN (FNGU-N)
Trend Rel
Hi | Lo
Stock Name
Wk Close
Vol (00's)
Hi/Lo Vol
No Stock Data
Highlighted stocks traded at their 52 week high or low, OR gained/lost more than 10% during the trading week.
Business Description :
The investment seeks return linked to a three times leveraged participation in the daily performance of the NYSE FANG+™ Index, total return (the “index”). The notes are intended to be daily trading tools for sophisticated investors to manage daily trading risks as part of an overall diversified portfolio. The index is an equal-dollar weighted index designed to represent a segment of the technology and consumer discretionary sectors consisting of highly-traded growth stocks of technology and tech-enabled companies.
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