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week ending
Friday Jun 21, 2019
Corts 7.625 Pfd
Trend Trend Counters Relative Strength  
(Strong) Bearish Trend. The closing price is below the upper limit of the 13-week MA envelope. This indicates that the short-term bearish trend of the stock's price remains relatively strong. Trading implication: generally considered a negative signal for holding. Trade exit signals already triggered.
Trend / Category
15/ 55
13 week Current wk Unusual Volume
86 + Unusually Low Volume Indicator. The stock's trading volume for the week is no more than one-half (<= 50%) its average weekly volume (13-week moving average). Trading implications: The Low Volume indicator, concurrent with advancing price, offers both a warning for Bullish stocks and a possible Buy trading signal for Bearish stocks.
  weeks in vs. S&P500  
Trading stats for the Week Stock Trends chart of Corts 7.625 Pfd $KTP - click for more ST charts
  Close Range
$US 6.90 6.55 - 6.98
1 week %change 13 week %change
+4.6% -9.2%
Average Price
13 week MA 40 week MA
7.19 7.78
52-week range
5.50 - 13.94
Share Volume Relative Volume
29,900 ~
Total traded value
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Corts 7.625 Pfd (KTP-N)
Trend Rel
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Stock Name
Wk Close
Vol (00's)
Hi/Lo Vol
No Stock Data
Highlighted stocks traded at their 52 week high or low, OR gained/lost more than 10% during the trading week.
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